Economic immigration

In essence, RDÉE Canada’s main concern is the economic progress of the Canadian Francophonie. RDÉE Canada, along with every provincial or territorial organization that is a member of its Network, is a unique gateway for facilitating employability and doing business in French in Canada’s Francophone and Acadian communities. Together, they have the expertise and relationships that Francophone and bilingual immigrants and Canadian employers need before, during and after the economic integration of newcomers.

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Living in French in Canada
  • 25% of the Canadian population will be over the age of 65
  • 5 million Canadians, including half of today’s Canadian entrepreneurs, will be retired
  • The fertility rate in Canada is expected to fall to 1.5 children per woman (it was already a mere 1.58 children per woman in 2017, and the replacement level is at least 2.05 children per woman)
  • Almost 100% of Canada’s population growth will therefore be due to immigration
  • Find a job that matches your qualifications in your field of study
  • Successful socio-economic integration into a Francophone or Acadian community
  • Reach the 2.7 million Canadians who speak French and live outside Quebec

Whether you are a skilled employee or a contractor, whether you are Francophone or bilingual, the RDÉE Canada Network is your ally. Our role is to help you work in the occupation that suits you in this country. Discover the full range of the Network’s services, and learn about the formalities to be completed.

  • Greeting, orientation and labour market information
  • Résumé writing assistance
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • Placement
  • Job fairs
  • Tools and resources
  • Professional mentoring
  • Workshops and training
  • Information on regulated professions
  • Greeting, orientation and information about the business world
  • Starting a business
  • Business plans, financial plans and marketing plans
  • Buying and growing companies and business succession
  • Market research analysis
  • Support in looking for funding
  • Business mentoring
  • Workshops and training
Federal government programs
Provincial and territorial government programs
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Solve the problem of skilled labour shortages
  • Enrich and grow your business through professional and cultural diversity
  • Help strengthen and develop Francophone and Acadian businesses in Canada

Are you experiencing the effects of the skilled labour shortage, and do you feel that your work environment should have immigrant workers, who provide linguistic and cultural diversity? The RDÉE Canada Network is your ally. Our role is to help you recruit and integrate Francophone and bilingual immigrants who will bring their skills to your workplace! Discover the full range of the Network’s services.

  • Greeting, information and orientation
  • Diversity management coaching
  • Human resources coaching
  • Connecting employers and job seekers
  • Job fairs (virtual and physical)
  • Information and advice
  • Liaison with Canadian embassies (Francophone countries)
  • Orientation for the recruitment of skilled bilingual workers
  • Promotion and distribution of job postings
Carine Ouedraogo
British Columbia
Jessica Rogers
Salimata Soro
New Brunswick
Sandrine Saugrain
Newfoundland and Labrador
Régis Guyot
Northwest Territories
Ghyslain Letourneau
Nova Scotia
Sandrine Mounier
Aïssatou Sonko
Prince Edward Island
Angie Cormier - employabilité
Félicité Nibogora
Rémy Perrier

There are many sources of information for Francophone immigrants in Canada. Printed material, podcasts, videos and useful links. In this section, we have put together instructional and practical materials you will need to prepare for successful socio-economic integration.

Guide to recruiting Francophones abroad: A simplified tool for employers

Employment report: the most job-creating sectors in Canada (outside Quebec) – review of the year 2022


Invest, engage, succeed: Overview of the economic benefits of Francophone and Acadian communities

Guide des procédures d’admission à la profession d’ingénieur au Canada

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Economic immigration: A priority issue for RDÉE Canada
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Pascaline Gréau’s experience in the Northwest Territories
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Testimonials from immigrants in Ontario
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The Parenty Reitmeier model in Manitoba
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Stories about the importance of immigration to Prince Edward Island
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François Roux’s experience in British Columbia
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The Atlantic co-op model in the Atlantic region
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The Michelin model in the Atlantic region
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Frédric Desclos’s experience in the Atlantic region