The domestic and international Francophone tourism markets represent more than 274 million potential visitors to Canada and its provinces and territories. Millions of these potential visitors live in the United States or a few hours away by plane in Europe, specifically France, Belgium, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. At the same time, Canada has exceptional heritage, culture and tourism potential to attract these Francophone and Francophile visitors.
Salut Canada is an RDÉE Canada initiative.
  • Structure French-language and bilingual tourist services
  • Meet market and client needs
  • Make the destination and products more competitive
Le Yukon autrement

Le Yukon autrement vous propose six circuits uniques à travers le Yukon. Partez à la rencontre d’histoires inédites et découvrez différentes facettes du patrimoine yukonnais à partir des lieux indiqués sur la carte interactive.

The Champlain Tourism Route

Drawing its inspiration from the major expedition by Samuel de Champlain in 1615-1616, the Champlain Tourism Route offers a range of cultural and tourism experiences and provides services in French or in both official languages.

Balado Discovery

Discover Rouleauville, Calgary’s historic French quarter, and its 14 sites through the BaladoDécouverte podcast tour.

Salut Canada

Salut Canada is a collection of Canadian Francophone heritage, culture and tourism products that offer visitor services in French.

British Columbia
Explorer’s pocket guide

Discover and visit British Columbia in French: It’s possible with the explorer's pocket guide!

Are you a tour operator, a local authority, a financial partner? This kit is for you!