Economic Immigration

See what awaits you in Canada!

153,000 Francophone immigrants have already settled in Canada outside Quebec. Our country wants to welcome more economic immigrants and has expressed the desire to increase the percentage of French-speaking economic immigrants to 4% by 2018.

RDÉE Canada and its members are working to promote the recruitment and economic integration of immigrants in the Francophone and Acadian communities (FACs).

They act as the critical link between investors, employers, permanent residents, temporary workers and the Francophone and Acadian communities, and they have a direct impact on their economic vitality.

From 2011 to 2014, the Network organized 181 information and engagement sessions involving 1,727 employers. Topics ranged from the advantages of hiring Francophone or bilingual newcomers to hiring processes.

Network members provided employment services to 1,870 permanent residents and 2,667 temporary workers.

Entrepreneurs and investors

The provincial and territorial members of RDÉE Canada can be invaluable allies as you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams in Canada. Are you ready to do business in French?

Skilled workers

Working in the Francophone and Acadian communities in one of nine provinces and three territories is a unique opportunity to get to know the more than 2.5 million French-speaking Canadians living outside Quebec who are an invaluable asset to the country.

Canadian Employers

Short on skilled labour? Why not talk to one of the provincial or territorial members of RDÉE Canada? They will help you with the recruitment and integration of Francophone immigrants eager to bring their skills to your organization.

Contact the Network members

RDÉE Canada provincial and territorial members can be invaluable allies in recruiting and integrating employees eager to share their skills and rich cultural heritage.

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