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The Economic Prosperity of Francophones and Acadians

Ottawa, March 21, 2016.

“Sixteen priority measures for actions leading to tangible and long-term results,” says RDÉE Canada’s CEO of, Jean-Guy Bigeau. “For nearly 20 years, our members have dedicated themselves to supporting workers, entrepreneurs and investors who contribute to the vitality of Francophone and Acadian communities. In concrete terms, we focus on local initiatives that are then deployed throughout Canada. In other words, we are building on collective intelligence.”

The strength of the Réseau de développement économique et d’employabilité (RDÉE Canada) rests on the vitality of its Network from coast to coast. The White Paper The Economic Prosperity of Francophones and Acadians focuses on five strategic issues

These issues touch on the Network’s five work areas (Canada’s economic Francophonie, economic immigration, tourism, green economy and youth) and they are firmly rooted in the realities of Francophone and Acadian communities

  1. Strengthening the capacity of Francophone and Acadian communities to seize business opportunities by leveraging the added value of English-French bilingualism.
  2. Ensuring the intricate linkage between labour market needs and skills available within the local and immigrant workforce.
  3. Encouraging participation and investments from a greater number of economic development and employability partners.
  4. Contributing to the economic vitality of youth in Francophone and Acadian communities throughout Canada.
  5. Creating a profile of the economic Francophonie and facilitating decision making at all levels by promoting access to conclusive data.

“Canada’s economic prosperity cannot do without the contribution of the Francophone and Acadian communities. Not only are trade flows between countries belonging to the Francophone space very important, they also encourage trade within a bilingual Canada” said Gilles Lanteigne, RDÉE Canada’s Chairman of the Board.



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