Economic Youth

The Youth of Today are the Successor Generation of Tomorrow!

RDÉE Canada and its members recognize the importance of supporting youth in Francophone and Acadian communities (FACs) in their efforts to find a job, become entrepreneurs abd participate in the economic development of their community. The Network, composed of 12 provincial and territorial organizations, leads over 75 projects supporting Francophone youth in Canada. In 2014, the Network formed a pan-Canadian working group to develop an economic youth national strategy in order to

  • strengthen the capacity of Network members with respect to youth entrepreneurship and employability;
  • create and consolidate strategic partnerships; and
  • promote creation of structured employability and entrepreneuirial projects.

A Developing and Participatory Demographic Group

Young people today are bilingual and even multilingual, aware of the fact that the labour market is changing and that technologies are rapidly developing. Young people are open to the entire country and the rest of the world and want to be involved in major projects. Maintaining Canada’s linguistic duality depends largely on the country’s youth (Youth Business International, OECD LEED, 2013). The FACs promote a vision in which young people can see the future in terms of jobs and community life: education, culture, services and recreational activities.

Employability and Entrepreneurship

The employability and entrepreneurship of FAC young people are at the centre of the national Economic Youth issue. The Network works with its partners to promote the next generation of entrepreneurs, increase the number of entrepreneurs, reduce the unemployment rate, smooth the transition from school to the world of work, and ensure that young people stay in the regions. Thus, the Economic Youth issue emphasizes the value added of bilingualism, technologies and the creation of lasting partnerships and structured projects.

Employability Trajectory: Network Member Projects

Career Objectives

Percé (in French only)

Premier Choix

Je reviens! J’y reste! (in French only)

Entrepreneurial Trajectory: Network Member Projects

Economic Education (Manitoba)

Pedagogical Activity Bank (Canada) (in French only)

Young Millionaires (Prince Edward Island) (in French only)

Camp entrepreneur (Manitoba) (in French only)

Camp entrepreneur (Saskatchewan) (in French only)

Dragons Den Evening (Nova Scotia) (occasionally in French)

Coopérative service jeunesse (Prince Edward Island) (in French only)

Club entrepreneurs (New Brunswick) (in French only)

Été en affaires (Manitoba)

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