RDÉE Canada would like to thank its invaluable partners!

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RDÉE Canada has signed formal collaboration agreements with the following organizations

Our partners


The RDÉE Canada Network receives funding from Employment and Social Development Canada’s Enabling Fund (EF) for Official Language Minority Communities (OLMCs).

Funding provided through the EF complements funding provided from other sources to allow for continuity between initiatives and multi-dimensional approaches that are responsive to the needs of the various OLMCs across Canada.

The RDÉE Canada Network is horizontal in nature and provides a one-stop-shop for many policies, programs and services resourced by multiple funders.

In Western Canada, Western Economic Diversification Canada is a key partner providing support to the western RDEE network organizations. These organizations also serve as the Francophone Economic Development Organizations (FEDOs) in the Western Canada Business Service Network where they provide economic development-related services to Francophone entrepreneurs and OLMCs. Complementary funding and initiatives such as this one, allow the federal government and its partners to maximize their efforts.

Other government departments and agencies also work with the network helping create efficiencies and coordinating initiatives with OLMCs. In addition to strengthening impacts at the local and regional level, the national coordination of funding and expertise with the RDÉE Canada network and its counterpart, the Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC), serving Quebec’s English-speaking minority, [URL: http://cedec.ca/about-cedec/] has helped increase economic opportunities for OLMCs across Canada.