Recognized for its expertise and development of sustainable partnerships and building on the contribution of its provincial and territorial members, RDÉE Canada is the leader of economic development in Francophone and Acadian communities.


RDÉE Canada is national anchor for its provincial and territorial members, and fosters engagement, collaboration and coordination of efforts with a view ti helping Francophone and Acadian communities contribute fully to their own growth and a prosperous Canada.

Value #1: Sense of innovation

Foster and encourage creativity and new approaches

Value #2: Commitment

Invest fully in the economic development of Francophone and Acadian communities

Value #3: Responsibility

Work with diligence, integrity and transparency to achieve results

Value #4: Excellence and quality

Value client satisfaction and the use of various and flexible structures


1. RDÉE Canada and its members made a greater impact.

1.1 Collaboration between RDÉE Canada and its members facilitates common initiatives aligned with priority economic issues.

1.2 Provincial and territorial members are supported by RDÉE Canada.

1.3 RDÉE Canada increases its capacities and those of its members by supporting and optimizing the exchange of best practices.

Development of strategic partnerships

2. The development of strategic partnerships ensures the sustainability of RDÉE Canada.

2.1 RDÉE Canada develops its expertise through mutually beneficial partnerships with the public, community and private sectors, on a national and international level.

2.2 RDÉE Canada diversifies its funding by developing lasting partnerships with recognized economic development organizations.

2.3 RDÉE Canada supports research for funding to create structured initiatives aligned with priority economic issues.

Positioning of RDÉE Canada and its members

3. RDÉE Canada and its members have credibility and are recognized in the economic development sector.

3.1 RDÉE Canada is the key spokesgroup for public, community and private stakeholders at the national and international level with respect to the economic issues of Francophone and Acadian communities.

3.2 The initiatives and results of RDÉE Canada and its members are recognized nationally

3.3 RDÉE Canada’s national image raises the profile of its members at the regional level.

Capacity Building

4. The organizational capacity of RDÉE Canada and its members has increased.

4.1 Professional development of human resources and volunteers improves response and service excellence and quality.

4.2 Strengthened governance enables RDÉE Canada to fully carry out its mission while respecting its values.

4.3 Improved management systems have increased RDÉE Canada’s performance.

4.4 RDÉE Canada is enhancing its ability to support its members’ management capacity.